The acronym ARWMAS stands for the Association of Regional Waste Management Authorities of Saskatchewan.

The corporation is made up of most of the regional waste management authorities in the province
and serves to provide a unified voice to the government and the industries.

We do have a set of objectives

The Objectives of the Association are:

To promote regional waste management in Saskatchewan.
To share information and best practices to assist new regions with program start-up and expansion and efficiencies of existing regions.
To expand waste diversion programs, thereby decreasing municipal dependence on landfills.
To secure sustainable funding for waste diversion through creation of a multi-material stewardship board.
To work with Saskatchewan Environment to ensure that all municipal landfills operate to current regulatory requirements.
To explore economic opportunities for development of in-province processes for recyclable materials.

A.R.W.M.A.S. is governed by a board made up of representatives from each member and by an elected executive of chair, vice chair and treasurer. The executive is elected yearly at the annual general meeting.

Wally Lorenz, and representative of Town of Wilkie

Vice Chairs

Keith Matheson, North Central Saskatchewan Waste Management Corporation.

Aileen Garrett, North West WARM Landfill Site and Recycle Centre

Secretary - Treasurer
Myron Knafelc of REACT Waste Management District

Duane Leicht, Red Coat Waste Resource Authority Inc.
Alan Howard, Southwest Waste Management Authority
Ken Larsen, Highway 55 Corporation

Welcome our newest members - Eston and District Landfill Authority and 16 to 43 Waste Management Corporation

A.W.R.M.A.S. operates under a set of by-laws and with a code of conduct, we meet on a as required basis, using conference call methods to reduce costs. 
Our AGM will be
announced at a later date.

Suite 226 - 510 Cynthia Street

Saskatoon, SK  S7L 7K7

Phone: 1-306-975-0851; Fax: 242-8007


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